How does our honey appear in stores?
We work with beekeepers
from ecologically clean areas
and large suppliers from Russia.
Новгородская область Псковская область Московская область Тульская область Орловская область Курская область Воронежская область Тамбовская область Саратовская область Волгоградская область Ростовская область Краснодарский край Удмуртская республика Республика Башкоркостан Абхазия Алтайский край Республика Алтай Хабаровский край Амурская область Приморский край Кабардино-Балкарская республика Республика Крым
Our producers come from such areas as Russian Far East, Bashkiria, Altai Krai, regions of Tula, Tambov, Saratov and Voronezh, the Republic of Crimea, Abkhazia and others.
1 On our preliminary storage site
we conduct the control
and selection of all incoming raw materials.
2Our experts evaluate the flavor and organoleptic
properties of the honey,
and test samples are taken by laboratory workers in order
to confirm that they comply with the standards of GOST and Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.
3If a particular batch of honey is
substandard, it is returned to the supplier.
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Our storage is capable of containing more than a
tonnes of honey
Uninterrupted supplies of honey to the clients
Constant quality control of the raw materials
Adherence to strict storage conditions
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Manufacturing process
International Food Standard system of control
at every stage of manufacturing.
Control of key parameters
of honey in accordance with GOST.
Package We are able to pack honey
in packages of any volume.
Production volume Our plants can refine and pack
up to 10 thousand tonnes of honey every year.
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Storing of finished goods

Our finished goods storage site is capable of holding
up to 1 000 000 units of packed honey, which is ready
to be sent to our clients at a moment’s notice.
A special storing system allows us
to control the expiration dates of products,
make timely shipments
and maintain the principle of FIFO: First In, First Out
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Shipment of the honey to the clients
We can ship honey to any area in Russia,
using our own vehicles and the services
of tested transport companies.
Our partners treat our goods with utmost care and are very responsible
about the shipping process, and that’s why our
clients always receive the goods undamaged and on time.