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“HONEY HOUSE” is a leader on the market of packed honey in Russia
The company was founded in 1998 in Saint Petersburg, and was the first to begin refining honey in Northwest Russia. In 2000 “HONEY HOUSE” has released the first ever brand of honey in Russia, under the “Dedushkin Ulej” (Granddad’s Beehive) trademark; that product has been the company’s hallmark for more than 20 years.
“HONEY HOUSE” is represented on the market by such trademarks as “Matushka Pchela” (Mother Bee), “Dedushkin Ulej” (Granddad’s Beehive), “Chastnaya Paseka” (Private Bee-Garden), “Medovyj Dom” (Honey House), and “Medovyj Khutor” (Honey Farm).
Another product of the company is “Krem-med” (Honey-Cream) with addition of natural berries.

  • The wide spectrum of our brands and diversity of products will satisfy the most demanding lovers of natural products.
  • Our goods enjoy active demand from the consumers and are one of the best-selling among all brands of honey.
  • “HONEY HOUSE” has a wide network of tested honey suppliers spread across all regions of Russia, which are able to deliver the best raw materials from local farms.
  • Our own modern lab gives us the ability to select only the best honey for our clents.
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