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“HONEY HOUSE” production lines are situated in an ecologically clean area of Novgorod region. Batetsky Krai is a place of lakes, forests and nature, untouched by civilization. In 2005 scientists have discovered large deposits of clean underground waters near Moyka village, where our production lines are situated. It’s that water, which is used during the manufacturing of our packed honey.
Our plant is equipped with modern technological hardware, which allows for any amounts of uninterrupted production
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Our team is comprised of professional and responsible people, who are happy to produce high-grade products for you.⁠
  • “HONEY HOUSE” has long-lasting, tested ties to suppliers from all over Russia.
  • All honey supplies, which we purchase for packing, undergo strict control procedures in our own modern lab, which is situated directly at the production plant.
  • We pay special attention to quality control. Our experts thoroughly check all honey that we receive from suppliers, just as they control the quality of outgoing finished products.
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