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Manufacturing and quality control

The enterprise of the company is equipped with modern technological equipment, which allows to provide any volume of products without interruption.

Our team consists of professional and responsible people who are happy to create a high-quality product for you.

All honey purchased for packing undergoes strict control in the modern laboratory of the enterprise, which is located directly at the production site. We pay special attention to quality control. Our experts carefully monitor the honey that comes to us for processing from suppliers, and carefully check the finished product.

The company's products have a number of undeniable advantages.
Natural product

The purchase of raw materials is carried out in exceptionally ecologically clean regions of Russia: in the Far East, Bashkiria, in the Altai Territory, Tula, Tambov, Saratov, Voronezh regions, the Republic of Crimea, Abkhazia and others.

Quality control

We carry out full testing of products in our own laboratory.

Made with love

Our technologists and specialists of the quality department make every effort to create the best product.

From the apiary straight to the house

The company "HONEY HOUSE" buys honey directly from beekeepers, conducts control tests and delivers it directly to your table.

Our partners