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Frequently asked questions and answers

Do you need special storage conditions?

We recommend storing honey and honey products at temperatures between -6 and +18 ° C. At room temperature, the food loses some of its useful properties, quickly becomes sugar-coated, and breaks down into layers. Heating above + 35 ° C is fraught with the complete destruction of vitamins and amino acids. Subzero temperatures do not affect the quality of the bee product. When storing, it should be borne in mind that temperature drops can also reduce the medicinal qualities of the product and shorten its shelf life.

Where is the production located?

Our production facilities are located on the territory of the Novgorod region, this allows us to preserve the benefits of products and provide local residents with jobs.

What if the honey is crystallized?

Quite often, the hotline receives calls from customers with a complaint about honey crystallization.

Such issues are usually dealt with by employees of the quality department, but we will briefly analyze this "problem":

Crystallization of honey is a natural process. Crystals are formed from solidified glucose particles. Glucose tends to change its state as an aggregator, in contrast to fructose, which remains fluid.

Note that during crystallization, the medicinal and taste properties of everyone's favorite delicacy are not lost, and the shelf life is not reduced.

How do you deliver products?

In Russia:

By courier, to the door of an apartment or office (BOXBERRY, CDEK) within 2 working days;
To the pickup point (BOXBERRY, CDEK).

Overseas shipping:

Delivery is carried out by the service "EMS Russian Post". Your order will be delivered directly to your home or office.
We transfer the order to the delivery service the next business day after registration and payment.
 After placing your order, you will receive an e-mail notification of successful registration with your order number.
Buyers are informed about delivery via SMS and / or a courier call. Delivery is carried out only on working days, delivery is not carried out on weekends and holidays.
Delivery is carried out after 100% prepayment. Additional duties and / or VAT on imported products are possible. Please check the amount of duties and VAT yourself with the customs service of your country of residence. Please note that sometimes delays at customs are possible.
Please be careful when placing your order.
 Please check your zip code.
HONEY HOUSE LLC is not responsible for incorrectly provided information.
Please note that at the time of receipt of the order, with the courier, you must make sure that the appearance, quantity and equipment correspond to your order. Claims after signing the receipt for the delivery of the order are not accepted.

Didn't find the answer to your question?

You can fill out the feedback form on our website, our specialists will contact you shortly.

Contact us and we will provide the necessary information.

How do I know that my order has been accepted?

After placing an order, you will receive a notification by mail. If the payment is made immediately, an SMS will be sent with all the information about the order. In case of technical problems, we are always ready to help.